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9-pound goldfish found in South Carolina lake


‘Massive’ 9-pound goldfish found in lake

A massive 9-pound goldfish has been discovered in a South Carolina lake after officials were performing a routine water quality test, a report says.

Ty Houck, the director of greenways, natural and historic resources at the Greenville County parks department, told The State he did not know how long the fish had been in Oak Grove Lake, but guessed it was someone’s pet that they didn’t want anymore.

“Our guess is someone didn’t want to kill their fish but couldn’t take care of it anymore,” Houck told the news outlet.

Greenville Rec also posted a photo of the fantastic fish to their Facebook page.

“Anyone missing their goldfish? This 9lb goldfish was found in Oak Grove Lake during some recent testing at our lakes,” the organization wrote in a post. “The work included electrofishing, a method of measuring the health of the fish population.”

Wildlife officials were conducting a fish population survey analogous to a “fish sticking its finger, or fin, in a socket,” Houck said. “A weak electrical current is run through the water and stuns them for a few minutes.”

Houck said he believes the giant goldfish is the only one swimming in the lake because park officials did not encounter any others in their survey.

He added that while the goldfish is non-native to South Carolina, it was not considered an invasive species to the lake.

Officials said they aren’t sure how long it has been there, but that the oversized goldfish was able to survive a nearly full draining of the lake while it was being repaired recently and could have possibly survived a previous draining event as well, according to WLOS.

Though the goldfish is big, it is far from the biggest. According to Guinness World Records, the world’s longest goldfish was owned by Joris Gijsbers and measured 18.7 inches from snout to tail-fin end and was confirmed on March 24, 2003, in Hapert, The Netherlands.

Goldfish grow to the size of their environment,” Houck said. “To have a 9-pound goldfish survive in our lake must mean we are doing something right.”

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