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Best Online Survey Sites To Make Money | Best Survey Sites

best paying survey sites

Survey sites are the online sites that have a huge database of different kinds of people from all over the world. Their main work is to conduct online surveys from time to time on behalf of many multinational companies.

Online surveys with rewards are a potential win-win situation for companies and consumers. The company gets valuable market research from a targeted survey audience, and the consumer is paid for his time through discounts and freebies on products he likes.

The best survey sites offer ordinary people an easy way to make cash, and it does not even take that much time or effort.

The only problem with rewarding consumers for taking online surveys is that it gives them the incentive to cheat. The more surveys you fill out, the more points you get. So people get creative: They randomly answer survey questions as quickly as possible, establish multiple e-mail addresses to answer the same survey five or six times, or lie about their demographic (a white male says he’s a black female, for example) to participate in surveys for which they otherwise wouldn’t qualify 

Below is the list of best survey sites to make money online:


InboxDollars is the best online survey site to make money. You can make money online, by reading paid email, completing surveys, playing online games or shopping for your favorite brands! 

InboxDollars is one the easiest and most convenient way to make some extra money online quickly – simply by just using the internet as you always do – browsing and searching. It’s a super popular site that pays in cash, rather than points, which makes it a crowd favorite.It’s one of those survey websites that you can make good money off if you spend a considerable amount of time. You can squeeze the surveys during your commute and lunch breaks.The minimum amount you can cash out is $30. You can get it through a check, prepaid Visa card, or gift cards. 


Is inbox dollars for real?

Yes Inboxdollars if a legit survey site that pays.

How much can you make with Inbox Dollars?

On Average,you can make around $0.05 – $0.50 a day from watching videos. This adds up to about $1.50 or more a month


Swagbucks is an American rewards and loyalty-program operator operated by Prodege, LLC, and based in El Segundo, California.Swagbucks helps save money with coupons, promo codes, sales and cashback when you shop for clothes, electronics, travel, groceries, gifts & homeware items.

It’s not just for making money taking surveys. You can also earn points by watching videos and shopping online. Each survey can pay you anywhere from 50 cents to $2. 

There are tens of thousands of surveys on Swagbucks, so the odds of making some good cash on the side are high. Filling out surveys for money will reward you with points called Swagbucks which can be cashed out through PayPal, or redeemed as gift cards for shops including Amazon.com. As a sweetener, they’ll even give you $5 just for signing up.


Are Swagbucks legit?

Yes,Swagbucks is a legit survey sites that pays online.In a nutshell, Swagbucks is a search engine just like Google or Ask, but you can get rewards points just for searching the web. And actually, the site is sponsored by Google and Ask! Swagbucks is overall a pretty cool site.

How much money can you make using Swagbucks?

There are MANY ways to earn swag bucks, but most of the simple and free tasks earn youbetween 1 and 15 buckaroos – or $0.01 to $0.15. While that is a great reward for doing nothing out of the ordinary, it’s certainly not worth actively seeking out more swag bucks.

Is swagbucks worth the time?

Like many things in life, it depends on how much your time is worth. For most people looking to earn an extra buck or two, it’s a great way to turn your internet surfing time into profitable internet surfing time. You won’t earn a ton of money but picking up an extra gift card or two each month is a nice little perk.

How long does it take swagbucks to pay?

Cashing out to PayPal states that you should allow 10–14 business days.

Does swagbucks sell your information?

Swagbucks will disclose personal information to help provide you with points-earning opportunities, to verify a transaction or your identity, or when we believe that the law requires it. …

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts.

They were created back in 2005, which gives them over ten years of experience in the survey game. Being the oldest doesn’t make them one of the best.

According to the website, they have over 3,000,000 members. The site doesn’t share how many of those are active users.

On their about page, they say that their mission is to “connect your voice to big brand companies – helping shape our world.”

In fact, a lot of their page outlines how the surveys can impact the different brands and companies that they work with. Who knows if that’s actually true, but it does give a sense of accomplishment.

This survey panel has quickly come up as a winner when it comes to getting high paying surveys. Though you get surveys mostly up to $3, there are chances of getting good paying surveys around $70.  As with other survey panels, the amount of surveys you get depends on your demographics.

With low minimum cashout of $10 and payments through PayPal (they also give out gift cards), this is another great choice of survey panel if you want quick cash. 


Is survey junkie a legitimate site?

Survey Junkie is a 100% legitimate, tried and trusted survey panel that rewards its members with real cash and/or free e-gift cards for completing fun and easy online surveys.

How much can you make on survey junkie a month?

Surveys typically pay between $0.50 and $3 each. If you qualify for and complete three surveys each week, then you could earn an easy $1.50 to $12 per month for a few minutes of your time.

Do you have to pay taxes on survey junkie?

Although you might not have to pay taxes on your earnings and prizes from online surveys, it is in your best interest to report them to the IRS. If you must pay tax on your survey earnings, your marginal tax rate will depend on your income and tax-filing classification.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinions of consumers nationwide. Companies are seeking your input to develop new and improved products. By completing our online surveys, your opinions will directly influence tomorrow’s products today, AND you will be rewarded!

The surveys are invite-only, so it might take some time until you start taking surveys.Each survey pays at least $3. Some may even require to test a product, in which case you will get a free product to keep. They also send out qualification questions every month. As soon as you qualify for a survey, you will be given the opportunity to take it. 

PineCone Research will pay you within 48 hours. All payments are made either by cheque, via Paypal or through a pre-credited visa card. Paypal is super easy to set up if you don’t have an account yet, and the whole process can be a smooth payment experience.


Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Yes, Pinecone Research is a legitimate survey company, and they do pay out

How much can you make from Pinecone Research?

Higher than average payout for surveys: With survey payouts averaging around $3, and product testing around $6 per test, Pinecone Research pays much higher than average for your input.

What is Pinecone Research looking for?

Pinecone Research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinions of consumers nationwide. Companies are seeking your input to develop new and improved products. By completing our online surveys, your opinions will directly influence tomorrow’s products today, AND you will be rewarded!


MyPoints is definitely one of the better rewards programs to sign up for.You can earn points by shopping at your favorite stores. MyPoints members get up to 40% back with every purchase at 2,000 top retailers.

This survey panel has many things to do other than just surveys like reading emails, watching videos, shopping online, searching the web, finding deals, printing coupons, playing games, etc.

With so many ways to earn money, this survey panel is quickly becoming the most popular choice of many survey takers.

MyPoints is a bit more ad-driven, so you will probably see a lot of other third-party advertisements. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of surveys that you can try taking.

The minimum cash out is only $3, which is only available in terms of gift cards. 


Is MyPoints legitimate?

Yes,mypoints is 100% legitimate

MyPoints is not a scam at all; they offer a platform through which you can acquire points by filling out surveys, making purchases, watching videos, playing games, and even browsing the internet.

How much are MyPoints worth?

Points values are worth 20% less than other sites.At only $0.006 per point versus Harris Poll’s $0.008 (as an example), with MyPoints.

What are MyPoints used for?

MyPoints is one of the original cashback and rewards-based shopping portals. As a MyPoints member, you can earn up to 40% cash back when you shop at your favorite online retailers, like Amazon and Target.


If you believe one of them is better for you than the others, you can solely focus on that.

Do not expect it to be a part of your regular income, as it might not be a stable way to make a living. However, it can help you pass those last few days before the paycheck. 

Before becoming a survey taker, remember these about the best survey sites,

  • They are only extra income options, and they cannot replace your income
  • Always do your research and sign up for as many legitimate online surveys as possible to increase the earnings
  • Give honest opinions to keep getting more surveys
  • Always multitask when you are doing surveys, doing them alone may not be worth your time

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