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What Causes Engine Backfire?4 Common Causes

What Causes Engine Backfire?4 Common Causes

5 Reasons that Cause Your Car Backfire

An old car drives off jerkily from a stop sign, tires screeching as it lurches and bucks, with shotgun bangs coming from the tailpipe. The exhaust is puffing blue-black from the tailpipe and the ancient sedan shudders to a stop. A final pop from the exhaust closes this familiar scene.

For driving enthusiasts, backfiring is cool.  We hear the pops and see the flames spit from race car exhausts, and we love the aggressive sound when our own cars do it.  But like so much that looks and sounds cool, it’s not healthy in copious amounts. 

Engine backfire is caused by combustion or an explosion produced by a running internal combustion engine that occurs in the exhaust system rather than inside the combustion chamber.This can cause damage to your car’s exhaust or intake if left unchecked and it also means that your car’s engine isn’t making as much power as it should and also wasting lots of fuel.

Sometimes a flame can be seen when a car backfires, but mostly you will only hear a loud popping noise, followed by loss of power and forward motion.

 Some of the most common reasons for a backfire are listed below:

5 Reasons Your Car’s Engine Backfire

1)Engine timing is incorrect

If the timing of the spark is a bit too late in the engine cycle, unburnt fuel and air may be allowed to flow through the exhaust.Delayed timing means that the ignition cycle of your engine starts late in the combustion chamber, and ignites the fuel as soon as the exhaust valve is opening instead of waiting for it to be fully open.

2)High Fuel-to-Air Ratio

If your engine is being supplied more fuel than it needs to burn efficiently, it’s called a rich fuel to air mixture. It can be caused by a multitude of issues including some as straightforward as a dirty air filter. When an engine runs too rich, there is too much fuel to create an explosive, fast-burning flame. 

If your engine is getting more fuel than it needs, a rich fuel to air ratio is the result. When your car has leftover fuel in the exhaust and the cylinders, that fuel explosively burns and creates a loud popping sound.

3)Broken Distributor Cap

In vehicles that don’t have ignition coils on the spark plugs, a distributor cap and wire set are used to disperse the electrical pulse to the spark plugs. This electrical pulse is what causes the spark plug to spark and ignite the fuel in its cylinder.

If a distributor cap is cracked, moisture can get in and cause the spark from one cylinder to track to another, incorrect cylinder. When the incorrect cylinder fires out of time when the exhaust valve is open, you will experience a backfire.

4)Carbon tracking on spark plug wires

When talking about what makes a car backfire, we have to think about carbon tracking. Carbon tracking can happen to all types of vehicles – the models that use distributor cap and the ones that have ignition coils.

In an old vehicle with a distributor cap, the sparks can go crossways from one wire to another due to environmental factors. In case if it becomes a regular phenomenon, a carbon that functions as a shortcut to the spark will make the car to backfire.

The second most common scenario is when spark plug wires or ignition coils are mounted directly onto the spark plug, causing the electrical spark to split paths and leaving fuel behind in the cylinder. When the next spark is generated, it strikes at the fuel left behind and rapid burn occurs, while the exhaust valve is open and you have another backfire.

How To Stop Backfire

There are lots and lots of reasons why your car is backfiring. Rather than embark upon an expensive fact-finding mission with your technician, we recommend taking care of some basic maintenance that, a) you already need, and b) could very well be the source of your backfiring.

Old spark plugs and wires, clogged fuel filters, worn fuel pumps, erratic engine timing, and air flow issues are related to that delicate balance of fuel and air that is the key to healthy combustion.

An imbalance in one area can cause the other areas to work harder to compensate.

That creates the potential for faster wear of the system as a whole, and for anomalies that shouldn’t cause backfiring, but do. Therefore, your best bet for keeping combustion where it belongs is to ensure the health of your combustion process. It’s better to fix the 98% that’s easy first rather than going after the rogue 2%.

Steps you can follow to stop your car backfire:

  • Change oxygen sensors
  • Stop air leaks
  • Renew that spark
  • Check engine belts
  • Keep a healthy exhaust
  • Check the distributor cap

Only 100 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500SE  800+ HP Will Be Built

Only 100 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500SE 800+ HP Will Be Built

Shelby American announces Mustang Shelby GT500SE with over 800 horsepower, plus GT350SE limited edition variants

Shelby American announces Mustang Shelby GT500SE with over 800 horsepower, plus GT350SE limited edition variants

The custom manufacturer has teamed up with the Detroit auto giant for the new Mustang Shelby GT500 Signature Edition, an ultra-exclusive muscle car with 800 horses under the hood, according to a press release.

Past collaborations between the two companies have yielded head-turning performance, but it looks like they’ve really outdone themselves this time.

For their latest collab, Shelby and Ford have taken 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, already the automaker’s most powerful production car, and given it a serious performance upgrade.

The custom manufacturer was able to get even more power out of the vehicle’s brawny supercharged 5.2-liter V8 by using a smaller supercharger pulley, upgrading its cooling system and switching it over to 93-octane pump gas, according to company executive, Vince LaViolette.

Those changes have resulted in a more than 5 percent increase in power, which is really something since Car and Driver reports the “standard” version was already able to go from zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and run the quarter mile in 11.4 seconds at 132 mph.

Of course, those engine tweaks aren’t the only performance-minded modifications you’ll find on the GT500SE.

The vehicle sits lower than before, and has been outfitted with new front and rear springs and roll bars. It also features a new carbon-fiber hood with dramatic venting, with a wide body kit and carbon fiber package also available as options.

Inside, the seats have been recovered with Carroll Shelby’s signature stitched into the seatbacks. Remember, only 100 of these 800-plus-hp Mustangs will be built for each model year, and to make sure you know which one you have, Shelby includes both engine and dashboard plaques with the car’s serial number.

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Signature Edition starts at $101,490—Shelby charges $29,995 for the upgrades—and is available to order now. Each sale will benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation for children and grants membership to the Team Shelby club.

Man who lost penis to blood infection has new one built on his arm

Man who lost penis to blood infection has new one built on his arm

Man who lost his penis to horrific blood infection becomes first man in the world to have a new one built on his arm,while the arm appendage was to be transferred to where it belonged, it’s been left on the man’s arm for four years.

Malcolm MacDonald, 45, lost his manhood back in 2014 after a long-term perineum infection turned into sepsis – something which ultimately caused his penis to drop off.

In a bid to give Malcolm another penis, surgeons built him one on his arm for it to be later move to where a penis should be.

“I had struggled for years with an infection in my perineum but I had no idea what could happen,” the separated dad of two from Thetford, Norfolk, told the outlet.

“When I saw my penis go black I was beside myself. It was like a horror film. I was in a complete panic. I knew deep down it was gone and I was going to lose it,” he said.

He said he was “completely gutted” when his penis “just dropped off on to the floor” in 2014 – but his testicles remained intact, according to the outlet.

“Because I had been through the devastation of knowing I was going to lose it, I just picked it up and put it in the bin,” MacDonald continued.

“I went to the hospital and they said the best they could do for me was to roll the remaining stump up like a little sausage roll. It was heartbreaking.”

MacDonald said he became a recluse and began drinking heavily.

“For two years after losing my penis I felt a shadow of a man. My life really fell apart because I had no self-confidence. I drank too much. I didn’t see family and friends — I just didn’t want to have to face up to it,” he said.

But then he found out from his doctor about the so-called “penis master” — Professor David Ralph of London’s University College Hospital.

Professor Ralph explained the arm-graft procedure would take up to two years before it could be removed and put down below, something which Malcolm was happy with. Malcolm received £50,000 from the NHS so he could go ahead with it all.

When he received the funding, Malcolm said it was like ‘all his Christmases all at once’ and that he had confidence in Professor Ralph.

Apparently surgeons chose the arm for building the new penis due to its skin quality and sensation.

Right-handed Malcolm then had a skin flap taken from his left arm and rolled to form a ‘penis’, with its own blood vessels and nerves. They created a urethra and installed two tubes inflated with a hand-pump, allowing him to have a ‘mechanical’ erection.

The plan was to attach the penis to Mr MacDonald’s groin in 2018, two years after it had been grafted to his arm. However, he had to miss the scheduled operation due to illness, and the surgery kept being pushed back for other reasons.

A UCHL spokesperson told The Sun that MacDonald had missed or cancelled a number of appointments to complete the procedure pre-lockdown.

“We will try to rearrange his surgery as soon we are able, now that services are gradually returning closer to normal following lockdown,” they added.

“The delays have been hard to deal with,” MacDonald told The Sun, adding that he’s unable to run because the penis “waggles about”, and that he cannot go swimming or wear a short-sleeved shirt.

“Not having a penis felt awful. It’s most men’s worst fear,” he said. “For me, I was never worried about sex, because I already had two children. It was always more about my self-confidence and simple things like using the loo.”

“I can’t lie, having a penis on your arm for four years is a really strange thing to live with,” he added. “But I am determined this penis will be ultimately used for what it was built for.”

Musk says Demand for Tesla vehicles remained strong during pandemic

Musk says Demand for Tesla vehicles remained strong during pandemic

Tesla is seeing ‘strong’ demand through pandemic

Tesla CEO Elon Musk highlighted his company’s ability to keep demand high during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to the efficiency of ordering a vehicle online.

In the first part of a three-part interview with Automotive News’ Jason Stein, Musk stated that Tesla’s online ordering process, which avoids visiting a dealership to purchase a car, might have helped the electric automaker maintain a healthy demand volume during the pandemic.

“We saw strong orders through the whole pandemic; we still had good order volume,” he said.

Tesla thrives on the idea that all of its cars are available to any customer at the same price and negotiating with demanding automotive sales reps is not something the company has ever been interested in.

To keep the stress and uncertainty of buying a new car at an all-time low, Tesla has used an online ordering process and a direct-to-consumer sales process.

This technique was used to eliminate any anxieties a car buyer may have about dealing with salespeople and negotiating the price of a new automobile.

“We make the buying experience very easy. You can buy a Tesla in just two minutes by going to our website. Go onto our website. You can literally order a Tesla in two minutes, maybe one minute if you’re really fast,” Musk added.

“I guess people are less inclined to want to go to a dealership, do the test drive, and hang out in the lobby and that kind of thing.”

The demand for the company’s vehicles has undoubtedly not slowed. In the second quarter, Tesla delivered 90,650 cars, led by the Model 3 sedan, which was the most popular vehicle in June across the world.

Tesla also confirmed that it would be opening a new Gigafactory production plant in Austin, Texas, that would produce the widely popular Cybertruck, along with the Model Y for the Eastern half of North America.

New 820bhp+ Lamborghini’s Essenza SCV12

New 820bhp+ Lamborghini’s Essenza SCV12

Lamborghini’s new supercar isn’t legal to drive on public roads

Lamborghini has unveiled a new supercar, known as the Essenza SCV12, that owners won’t be able to legally drive on public roads. That’s why, if you buy one, Lamborghini recommends you let the company keep it for you in a special garage at the company’s headquarters in Italy.

Lamborghini has even built a dedicated hangar in Sant’Agata Bolognese to house all the cars, each owner getting their own garage and 24/7 webcam access to their vehicle via an app.

There’s also the opportunity to join in on the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Drivers Lab fitness program, which is kind of necessary when piloting a slick-tired racer capable of generating 2,646 pounds of downforce at 155 mph.

Owners will have access to a secure web cam feed so they can look at the car whenever they want. If they want to drive the car, Lamborghini will arrange for it to be transported to almost any racetrack in the world and the owner will be able to drive it there.

Lamborghini will also provide a professional racecar driver to provide coaching in how to get the most speed and enjoyment from their V12-powered supercar.

The company will host a few special events throughout the year to let Essenza SCV12 owners get together and enjoy their cars as a group.

The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 may not be short of eye-catching details – a V12 engine with 830 horsepower is worthy of attention – but inside it’s the race car inspired steering wheel that grabs you. Leagues away from the touchscreen-heavy dashboards of most modern cars, supercars included, the Essenza SCV12 instead focuses on giving you as little reason as possible to move your hands away from the most important control.

The “SC” in “SCV12” stands for Squadra Corse, or “racing team” in Italianwhich is also the name of Lamborghini’s motorsports department, founded in 2014.

Only 40 of the cars will be produced. Customers have already signed contracts for most of them but a few remain available, Lamborghini’s chief engineer Maurizio Reggiani said.

Lamborghini did not give a price for the Essenza SCV12 but Reggiani said it will be priced similarly to the company’s other limited-edition models such as the Lamborghini Centenario and Sián, which sold for $1.9 million and upwards of $2 million, respectively.

“This car is like a special passport to the most exclusive world of Lamborghini,” said Reggiani.