Diva Ring Light SUPER NOVA

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August 14, 2019


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What’s in the Box

  • Super Nova ring light with 5,400K Lamp
  • 3,200k tungsten diffusion plate
  • Diffusion cloth
  • Goose-neck attachment
  • Z-bracket for mounting on tripods
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


The 18″ Diva Ring Light Super Nova is perfect studio lighting equipment for photographers and videographers alike. This 5,400K fluorescent light eliminates skin imperfections, makes makeup colors pop, and makes the face have a fresh clean look. The ring light also provides a beautiful catch light in the eyes of the subject that make the eye look like they sparkle. The closer you are to the ring light, the larger the catch light effect will be.

Setting up the ring light is easy. Included are a flexible goose neck for mounting light stands, and a z-bracket that allows you to mount the ring light on your tripod.

Included as an extra bonus is a diffusion cloth. This cloth connects onto the front of the light with velcro and helps soften the light even more for a flawless look.

The Super Nova features an 18″ circular aluminum body that is painted flat black on the outside of the ring with reflective matte white enamel paint on the interior of the ring.

“These Diva Ring Lights are brilliant.  You can’t go wrong using this ring light for direct-to-camera testimonial stuff.  Perfect.  Also works great for table top food or product shots. One stand, one light and you are good to go.  Love it!” – John Mortensen, Think-A-Tron Media Labs

Diva Ring Light Nebula Model

From Hype Williams’ visually groundbreaking late ’90s music video work to high fashion, beauty and glamour photography, the ring light is the weapon of choice for image-makers who want to show faces in the most flattering light possible. This piece of studio lighting equipment gives the image a distinctly clean, soft and modern look.

While mounting a key light to the lens sounds like an obvious location, placing the light source directly on-axis with the lens also accomplishes a couple of important effects. The main result is a light source that is quite flat because it is generated on an identical axis to the camera’s lens. The benefit of this sort of flat, soft lighting is the elimination of almost all skin imperfections, makeup colors pop and the face ends up having a fresh, clean look. A secondary benefit of the ring light is that the catch lights in the eyes of the subject, the small reflections that give the eyes that “sparkle”, are enhanced to give a distinct, stylized look to the image.

The Diva Ring Light Super Nova is favorited by people from all industries including YouTube Vloggers, Photographers, Music Video Producers, Studio Lighting Techs, and more.


LAMP TYPE:5,500K Fluorescent Daylight Bulb

DIMENSIONS: Overall: 19”x22”x3” / Diameter: 18”

WEIGHT: 5lbs

FITS ON: Studs 5/8″ (1.59 cm) and smaller




CRI: >90




This product is not manufactured or distributed by Kino Flo, owner of the registered trademark Diva Lite®


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