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Privacy Policy

Protecting privacy is important to us due to the nature of our business & services offered from this site requires user to provide some personal information such as name, email , phone numbers, etc for contacting purpose.These information will be displayed publicly in Internet & can be used by third parties.

Some of computer datas are collected by our system in order to ensure proper functioning of our services.These data includes cookies, user IP address, site browsing behavior, page traffic & information related to computer, browser, etc.Google may also collect these data in order to display ads based user behavior. 

We use collected information and data to provide our services, facilitate communication between users, communicate marketing & display third parties ads, identify user, market research & improve our system. 

We do not sell or rent users personal data to third parties. However we may be required from time to time to provide users personal data to Governmental or law enforcement authorities. We may also disclose personal details to enforce our policies regarding to claims made by others for violation of their rights & privacy.

We store your personal on secure device & ensure best effort to protect from unauthorized access and malicious use. However,transmission of data over internet is not under our control and may not be completely safe. 

You may change, delete your personal details, posting & other details from our site whenever you want. But we might retain backup / archive of such details for purposes not limited to reporting, regulatory compliances,etc.